Will XY Survive the Vortex?

by James Adams

This is the fifth installment of Future Fridays, where you find out what XY Unlimited dreams about when it’s sleeping. Here we lay out our upcoming plans, and you can change the future by leaving us feedback about them!

Frozen Cars in Polar Vortex

We’re not going home until one of us looks like this.

The polar vortex has come and gone. One band shall venture forth to meet the desolation it left behind.

Are we unwise to venture into the frozen wasteland? Perhaps (yes). However, like most reluctant protagonists, circumstances forced our hands. A damsel in distress (Raeann Swedeen) summoned us to rescue her and her classmates at the College of St. Scholastica from a lack of musical Los Angeles boys. These poor souls haven’t seen a tan in weeks. Little do they know we don’t get tans, because we spend all of our time blogging indoors.

Air New Zealand Terminal

Michael, preparing for an icy journey by spending the preceding weeks in kiwiland.

Except for Michael. He’s in New Zealand, tanning. ->

We love adventures so, given that St. Scholastica is literally a castle full of trapped students, we heeded their summons. Armed with a good reason to be up there anyway, we then selected ten days worth of musical bonus missions in frosty Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. For those who live in one of those states and care to venture more than five feet from their heated homes, here’s what we’ve got planned so far:

1/29, 8pm – Northfield, MN

1/31, 7pm – Duluth, MN

2/1, 3pm – St. Paul, MN

2/2, 5:30pm – Watch Superbowl XLVIII. Michael will wear Green Bay Packers pajamas.

2/5, 8pm – Chicago, IL

2/6, 8pm – Peoria, IL

2/7, 4pm – Chicago, IL

2/8, 10pm – Chicago, IL (at the Elbo Room!)

2/9, 10pm – Milwaukee, WI

Now we need you to weigh in: where else do you think we should go? Don’t worry about our inexperience with cold weather or frozen roads –  as you can see from this video, we’re prepared to face any challenge the arctic tundra throws our way.

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7 Responses to Will XY Survive the Vortex?

  1. Raeann Swedeen says:

    Haven’t seen a tan in weeks? Try MONTHS…like last July… Can’t wait to be ‘rescued’ by you guys… or to rescue you guys myself. 🙂

  2. Heatin’ up the Midwest! Can’t wait to see you guys and spend some QT together. -K

  3. Michael says:

    NEW YORK CITY!!! Please …..are you guys touring? Amazing

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