Guess What XY Got For Xmas?

by James Adams

This is the eighth installment of What’s Happening Wednesday, where you find out what XY Unlimited is doing right now – or at least right now-ish.

This Christmas, Santa sent XY some serious gifts.

First and most importantly, Michael and I dominated our respective fantasy football leagues. While my cautious efforts brought me a deeper, more profound knowledge of American sportsmanship and patriotism, Michael’s crazed finagling finally taught him not to draft his platonic man-crush Aaron Rodgers in the first round – or so he claims. We’ll see if he walks the walk next season.

Just kidding about fantasy football’s supreme importance: I have something even more important. The best gift we received from Santa sings and plays the $#%$ out of a piano. He looks like this:

Fire Drew

Yes, our new bandmate has fire magic. It’s chill though, no big deal. 

Please help us in welcoming our new bandmate, Andrew Abaria. When we traveled up the West Coast in November 2013, Macain decided to be the husband and homebuilder that Valerie Stern (of Layla Layne) deserves and move on from XY’s crazy life of tours, hustle, and pigeon shelters. Luckily for us, LA had one more crazy (and crazy talented) singer/musician ready to join us for our the tour; and since Andrew learns music, vocal blends, song writes, and plays road games like a frickin’ ninja, we decided to keep him.

Did we mention he’s also a yoga master? Seriously.

We ran out of time to do an XY Christmas tune this year, so imagine our surprise – and delight – to discover that our new bandmate has an Xmas song ready to go on youtube. May it brighten your holidays the way that Andrew has already brightened XY’s future:


Here’s to more amazing gifts and surprises in the New Year. What did you get for Christmas that you’re excited about? (besides socks and underwear?) Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe!


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3 Responses to Guess What XY Got For Xmas?

  1. Andrew says:

    Super excited to be in this group and looking forward to lighting more musical instruments on fire. Merry Christmas to all!!

  2. blumuze says:

    Andrew is a winner. Congrats!

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