Leveling Up, XY Style

by James Adams

This is the third installment of What’s Happening Wednesday, where you find out what XY Unlimited is doing right now – or at least right now-ish.

This Autumn is full of dangerous quests, and we’re working hard every day to make sure we’re ready for all of the boss battles we might encounter. Here are three things we’re doing this week to increase our strength, endurance, and magic abilities:

Getting Pumped

Getting PUMPED UP in a USC practice room thanks to Christian’s ninja moves.

1) We’re making new music and tightening up our usual material for the tour. Christian continues to learn parts at such an astonishing rate that scientific research teams from around the globe have begun to attend our rehearsals and take measurements while he sings.

2) We’re finishing up the ArtistSignal rewards from our May/June 2013 campaign. After a live-streamed voter concert plus nearly 200 custom haikus, Happy Birthdays, CDs, and Twitter shoutouts, we’re down to less than 100 t-shirts, postcards, notes, lyric sheets, and cover videos. I just sent the t-shirts, and Michael will send the last of the lyric sheets before Friday. If you’re still waiting for a reward, hang in there – we’re almost through!


Not even gonna lie – this is what I imagine when I think of expanding the XY team.

3) We’re adding members to our small but fearsome team of XY allies. I won’t name names yet, but pretty soon we might have a talented individual helping to manage and unify our online content. That means instead of me writing these blogs, this new team member will build a robot with my personality to write them so I can drink root beer floats in Tahiti, take spear fishing lessons, and receive massages from an extremely overweight Tahitian man.

Sigh…well, I can always dream.

On a serious note: we’re thinking about putting together an XY street team, and we need a good name for it. We know some of you out there are creative types. If XY puts together a street team, what should it be called? Let us know in a comment below!

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10 Responses to Leveling Up, XY Style

  1. Team SeXY? Or, as a play on X-Men…the XY-Men? Hmmm…now I’m going to be pondering this one! And, will you be accepting Midwestern allies for your super-secret team? 🙂 Just send out the XY signal….!

    • xyunlimited says:

      Consider yourself a member. Now you just have to decide whether you want to be Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, or Colossus.

      • Hooray! And…Snap. That’s a tough call. I love them all, but Rogue and Jubilee especially…Rogue’s powers are hard to bear but she’s totally BA…but Jubilee hangs with Wolverine and that’s very attractive…I’ll think about it. 😛 (ps I totally collected Marvel Comic Cards.)

  2. Jenny Gruen says:

    omg I love Team seXY

  3. pOpz says:

    Team seXY? Better start working on your twerking chops right away.

  4. musicbeatthesystem says:

    Team foXY might be an alternative, or to be more literal they could be called the ProXY Team (as proxies to rep the band, but also “pro” XY fans).

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