About XY

Walking_San Francisco_Mission

(James, Michael, and Andrew from XY have started a new band called Cloudwalkers)

We four band-mates are all a cappella and vocal jazz group veterans. We crave a mysterious power that only rich, four-part vocal harmonies can provide. We believe there are others out there who crave the same thing, and we want to share our music with them.

We’re also just weirdo kids with a lot of dreams to sing about. We write sweet punk songs about everything that strange people go through: alienation, heartbreak, desire, bitterness, hope, wonder…not to mention a strong desire to shop at Trader Joe’s.

Our lives are too bizarre and ironic to not write about. Hence XY Adventures, our online blog. If you enjoy, relate to, or disagree with a blog post, let us know in a comment! Hope to meet you on the blog and on the road.